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Are You Good Enough to Go to Heaven?

Thoughts For Young Men


The Foundation

The Sin Issue

"Take This Body..."

Should We Pray to Saints?

Isolating Scriptures - Another of Satan's Schemes

What About Works

What About Mary?



Two Christmases

Righteousness on Judgement Day

The Year in Review

Miraculous, But By Whom? (Part 1)

Miraculous, But By Whom? (Part 2)

Miraculous, But By Whom? (Part 3)


Frustrations to the Great Commission

What is the Authority Source in Your Life? (Part 1)

What is the Authority Source in Your Life? (Part 2)

What's Your Authoritative Source? (Part 3)

A Look at the (Biblical) Priesthood

What About People's Goodness?

What About "The Church Fathers?"

The Gospel

Mortal or Venial Sins?


Ministry of Reconciliation




A Different Gospel / A Different Jesus

The problem with Ecumenicalism

Are You Born Again?

Why do Bad things happen to good people?

"Brethren of the Lord?"

"Thoughts and Reflections on 3 Years of Ministry"

"The "Mass" Isn't the Same Sacrifice as Calvary"

"Are You Eternally Secure?"

"The Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth" (Pt-1)

Are the Apocrypha Books Scripture?

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth? (Pt-2)

A Look at the Infallibility of a Church and Its Leaders

Sola Scriptura is indeed Biblical

What's Wrong About Being a Protestant? (Part One)

What's Wrong About Being a Protestant? (Part Two)

What Kind of Witness Are You?

How Heavy is Your Yoke?

God of Love or Wrath?


Can We Merit Grace?

Ears to Hear?

What would Jesus have us think about Mary?

The Ten Commandments

How Much Education is Needed?

Five Years and Counting

What is Relevant in your life?

Subjective Experiences vs. Objective Truth


What about Indulgences

The Emerging Church

Come Out of Her

Christian Mysticism

Six Years - Now What?

Truth or Deception

Let's Look at 'Lent'


Do the Catechism and the Bible Agree?

What's Wrong with the Picture? (Part 1)

What's Wrong with the Picture? (Part -2)

Interesting Testimonies

Who is Right About the Bible?

A Biblical Look at Fatima

Are You Walking in the Dark?

What About the Pope?

The 2010 Gospel Light Update

The Rapture (PT-1)

The Rapture (PT-2)

Messages from Heaven

What was your Father's day like?

Almost a Christian

You have what kind of Grace?

What is My Reason for Writing?

Catholics Come Home PT-1

Catholics Come Home PT-2

Catholics Come Home PT-3

Should we unite or not.....


Misconceptions? (Pt-1)

How Detailed is Our God?

But I’m Sincere!

Watch out for this Ecumenical Movement!

Is a Modern Day Reformation Needed?

The Biblical Jesus is not Santa Claus

The 'Catholic Apologetics' Page (pt-1)

The ‘Catholic Apologetics’ Page (Part 2)

Christlam: A Look at the Dangers of This End Time Religion!

Reasoning with John (Pt-1)

Reasoning with John (Part 2)

To Decieve, If Possible, Even the Elect

Test All Things; Hold Fast What is Good

Evangelizing Struggles

The Bble says....

Unbelef: Everyone Doing What Seems riight to them

Whose Standard Are You Trusting in?