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Catholics Come Home PT-2

                        Catholics Come Home (Pt-2)

     Last month we began our look at a local Church as they welcomed the community with an article that said how it uses a blog to spread faith and the gospel.  We only made it through their opening page that welcomed all, a page carefully done in a very eloquent manner. We at Gospel Light Ministries have felt compelled, however, to point out that not everything on that page, nor the rest of the website and blog are in line with what the Bible tells us. This month we'll continue that examination in an effort to  have people begin to see how easily they can be deceived because they simply do not know the Word of God . We began by clicking on the Catholic Come Home advertisement that was found on this page, which invites us saying, "If you or a loved one has been away from the Catholic Church , for whatever the reason, we invite you to visit the website at CatholicsComeHome.org."
      The website is very impressive, with many different areas in which we can go, but first we'll look at the welcoming quotes found there.  It tells us, "Welcome to Catholics Come Home. We’re here to help you begin or continue your faith journey, so you can find true peace, happiness and purpose in life.
At Catholics Come Home, we are dedicated to presenting the honest truth about even very difficult subjects. We want to share with you the beautiful, historical and miraculous aspects of the Catholic Church. People who have taken the time to explore our site are surprised to find out that there is much more to Catholicism than they ever realized." Notice in these opening remarks how they claim that we'll find the truth, as they present the truth? The reader must remember that a truth is the truth and opposite truths cannot both be true. Our job isn't to believe everything that people sincerely believe, but to be able to discern and recognize what is or isn't as God's word tells us, for sincere people often times leave them simply, but certainly and sincerely, mistaken.  
      When we click on the "read more" spot, we see this: " Our Catholic faith is the largest Christian family in the world. Our Church is a vibrant and growing family , but we miss our brothers and sisters who have not been to Mass lately. God loves you so much that He will not stop searching for you, reaching out to you, seeking you. Saint Augustine , a convert to the faith at age 33, once said, “You have  made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” Jesus wants to invite you back into His big, warm and loving Catholic family in the Church He founded 2,000 years ago. He’s calling you home, but the choice is yours… We are family. We’ve missed you. Welcome home! "
       The opening statement raises some questions immediately. Please think along with us as we examine that the Catholic Church is claiming to be the largest Christian family in the world. They also claim to miss their brothers and sisters that haven't been to Mass lately. It may seem so subtle to the ordinary common person, but there is a slight problem as I see it. As mentioned last month, there is only one path to salvation. The Catholic Church for years has stated that it, and it alone, is the Church founded by Christ, thus they would admit and as this ad shows, that they feel one must be a Catholic to enter Heaven. So how could we all be family and brothers and sisters if we have different  beliefs? On the other hand if we are still brothers and sisters, then why do they ask us to come back home? Again just as last month, is the mass and all of the traditions that the Catholic Church does really home? Aren't those some of the many anti-biblical traditions that go against His word and the one correct way that Jesus Christ gave to us to follow? Doesn't His word tell us to, "come out of her," that light has nothing in common with darkness and that believers and unbelievers are thus to remain separate? Certainly His Church would not go against His word.   As we continue looking at the paragraph above we see even more good sounding statements, but are they Biblical? That is the point that we must remember. In reference to God never stopping His search for you, that is not the case because in Genesis 6:3, He tells us, “ My Spirit shall not strive with man forever.” He will at some time let a person have their chosen path even if it is against Him.
     One other point that should be made regarding the Catholic paragraph that we are examining, is that the Catholics have no problem stating and quoting a former voice from the pass in an attempt to have you believe their way.   When you come across this, ask yourself many questions like if that person quoted is a saint in Catholic terminology as one whom was canonized or as the Bible tells us is just a believer of Jesus Christ .?   If they are a well known “saint” ask yourself was he infallible? Why should we believe what they may have said because it was taken out  of context here and he might not have said it at all (or was it placed here for their benefit only)” Finally, does this quote match Scripture which we know is correct and without error?   Remember our faith is not built upon majority rules or popularity whereas Paul tells us in Romans 1:16 , “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ , for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”
      These are just a few alerts that pop out of their welcoming page. The bottom line is God wants you saved   more then anyone else does and We are to follow His way only for any other way is no way.. Next month we’ll look at the ten reasons listed on the website why they think we supposedly should return home to Rome .