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The Year in Review

It seems like we just started, but "Come, let us reason together" is now approaching the end of the first year with the Wisconsin Christian News and it has come to my attention that many readers may have missed the back issues. With this in mind, let's take a moment to look back at the topics that have been covered this past year, not only as a refresher for those that have seen the articles, but also as an opportunity to check which articles the readers may have missed.

#1 The Foundation - This first article was written to inform the readers that Gospel-Light Ministries' need to use the Bible, and the safety and logic in using God's Word, as a guideline for our articles. The readers will noticed a heavy emphasis of Scriptural quotes, so they can do just as the Bereans did to Paul (found in the Bible at Acts 17:11) - ".... they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

# 2 The Sin Issue - Many say "they believe," but the words have different meanings. Scriptural references show that Jesus took care of sins by His finished work, yet today many that say "I believe" are falsely thinking that their sins are removed by sacraments, the mass, penances or purgatory - things they do!

#3 "This is My Body"- What is the true meaning behind the words spoken at the Last Supper and what we do at communion today?

#4 Praying to Saints - What happens after our loved ones have passed on? Can they watch over us, interceding like many would like to think? Can or should we attempt to communicate with them, pray to them or pray for them?

#5 Isolating Scriptures - Another Satan's Schemes - Just as Satan tried to deceive the Lord (Matthew and Luke 4,) we look at two examples in which such deceptive or incomplete usage of Scriptures has many people following a false path today.

# 6 What about Works - What role do our "works" have in determining our eternal destiny? A look at how a believer is saved by faith without works, yet faith without works is dead.

# 7 What about Mary? - How do the many "traditions" of today concerning Mary, compare to what is or isn't acceptable to God? What does Scripture say about Mary?

# 8 Tradition - What does the Bible tell us in regard to the importance, or lack of importance of "traditions?" God's Word reveals that many of the "traditions" that people have today, actually offend God!

# 9 Thanksgiving - Matthew 7:13 says there is only one path to Salvation. My Thanksgiving article reflects this path as I point out the three factors in my thankfulness, HIS plan, according to His Word, and my unworthiness.

# 10 Christmas - How does at a typical Christmas compare it to a "Christian's" Christmas? The article testifies to the power of Scriptures to save lives, from the ways of the world, to the reality of Jesus as the reason for Christmas and everyday.

#11 Righteousness - Many people think that they are judged as determined by their merits. Scripture, however, reveals that one is saved only through the imputed righteousness of Jesus. See the difference in January's article.

#12 The review - After reading today's review, if a reader desires copies of any or all of the past 11 articles, they can obtain them simply by contacting Gospel-Light Ministries at absolutely no cost to them.