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The 2010 Gospel Light Update

    The 2010 Gospel Light Update 

      This is my yearly update so you to keep you abreast of the Gospel Light Ministries as we are about to enter our eighth year of writing for the Wisconsin Christian News. The articles of the past year included the following:   Truth or deception; Let's look at Lent: Penances; Do the Catechism and Bible agree? What's wrong with the Picture? (parts one and two) Interesting Testimonies; Who is right about the Bible?;  A Biblical look at Fatima; Are you walking in the Dark? and What about the Pope? These are available for free to those that request copies as well as all the previous articles that I've written. We will continue with these types of articles including several from the Catholics come home website to further illustrate how Satan uses religions to deceive those that do not know God's message.

       In the past seven years, we at Gospel Light Ministries have published articles that address the reader’s heart issues, their right to believe as they choose fit and compared these beliefs with the Bible to see how God would view them.  We’ve used various resources from other Christian Ministries such as “Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry,” The Berean Call and the Berean Beacon Ministries, The Good News for Catholics and Just for Catholics Ministries. We offer these Ministries many Bible based tracts and booklets to the public to make them aware of the differences, primarily of what the Catholic Church says is truth, with what actually is the truth. As we’ve stated many times before, sincere beliefs aren’t the issue if the beliefs leave one sincerely mistaken. What does God’s Word actually tell us of how one gets to Heaven is our goal.  With my website I also include  a few articles written by these other ministries in which their views are so much better stating exactly what I’ve found in God’s word to say and to help the readers understand that it’s what Scriptures says, not just my view.

       I do regret that we will miss this year's expo, but I am about to begin teaching an Evangelist Explosion class that helps teach others how to evangelize in a non-threatening method. My two friends are doing this EE class as well and it'll be for a 13 week session. No doubt it will be an interesting task.

      Those are a few items on my schedule; however, I have not forgotten what my main purpose is. I feel that purpose is to bring the Gospel of grace that Jesus brought to the lost world. A few examples will be teachings such as those that claim baptism gets someone saved, the false idea that sacraments save anyone or that works are necessary to attain salvation instead of faith alone acquired when one trusts in the finished work of Christ alone. No I do not think that we are infallible, however our experience includes having been raised as a Catholic and raising a family in the Catholic Church. Therefore I do feel that I can state somewhat reliably just what Catholics beliefs are.

      In closing I ask for prayer support as we tackle the upcoming spiritual battles that Satan will undoubtedly throw at us. So with this 2010 year still just starting, I join the other believers in giving the Lord the glory in that He will continue using this ministry for His Kingdom as He sees fit. Amen