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Answers to Catholic Answers!


Envoy Magazine is a Roman Catholic apologetic publication dedicated to the following:

“Envoy is a bimonthly journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.  Its mission is to present the truths of the Catholic faith in a fresh, contemporary style, featuring today’s top Catholic writers, full-color graphics, and an upbeat and innovative format” (pg. 2 inside cover of Volume 7.4).

In this rejoinder we wish to interact with one of the articles found in this issue of Envoy written by Tim Staples under the heading of Nuts & Bolts entitled the “Top Ten”, According to St. John.

The premise of Staples’ article is to answer, from the Bible, a series of questions asked by non-Catholics seeking to lead Roman Catholics out of the Roman Catholic religion. 

Produced below are eight of the ten questions sent to Envoy Magazine, along with Roman Catholic answers according to a Roman Catholic interpretation of the Bible.  We have chosen eight because two of the questions are weak and not really pertinent to the Roman Catholic religion. This exchange is important for all of us since we are able to eavesdrop on a Roman Catholic theologian giving a defense of the hope in him. 

We have set forth the questions asked of Rome followed by the Roman Catholic response.  Then we have presented our answers to the Roman Catholic answers.  Hence, our title is Answers to Catholic Answers.

You will find the answers at this web address


1 - “EXODUS 20:2-5 explicitly condemns images and statues, yet Catholics have both in their churches.”  Why?

2 - “MATTHEW 20:20-28 condemns the human tradition of hierarchy.  There is no hierarchy in the Church according to Jesus.”  Why?

3 - “MATTHEW 23: 5-7 condemns the use of clerical dress, yet we see Catholics and some Protestants who are in league with ‘the Whore’ doing exactly what Jesus rejects.” Why?

4 - “MATTHEW 23:9 explicitly condemns calling anyone ‘father upon earth’ and yet Catholics call their priests ‘father’ in direct violation of God’s Word.” Why?

5 - “1 TIMOTHY 2:5 teaches that Christ is the ‘one mediator’ between God and men, yet Catholics teach that both priests and saints in heaven are ‘mediators’ in violation of Holy Writ.” Why?

6 - MATTHEW 26:28 explicitly says that everyone is to drink of the cup of communion, yet Catholics have withheld the cup from the laity for centuries and often keep it from the laity even to this day!  Once again, Jesus’ word takes second place to the Pope’s traditions.” Why?

7 - “EZEKIEL 18:20 condemns the human tradition of original sin.  This heresy that teaches people are punished in Hell for the sin of our first parents has infected most of the so-called ‘Protestant’ world as well as Catholic, but its roots can be found in the ‘whore of Babylon’, the Catholic Church.” Why?

8 - “Mark 16:16 says faith is necessary before baptism for salvation. Catholics, and again,  some Protestants who follow ‘the whore’ baptize infants who cannot have faith.” Why?